+ Renovating stairs with a comprehensice DIY system

Worn edges on steps are not only unsightly but also represent a safety hazard. You can quickly trip on a stair edge, lose your balance and fall down the staircase.

In order to avoid this, you should act in time to repair worn stair edges. Renovating stairs yourself results in considerable cost savings and involves no wizardry. Using RenoProfil stair nosings, anyone who has some basic manual skills can undertake their staircase renovation themselves.

This applies to all interior stairways and steps as well as step edges and claddings. Anything you need you´ll find it is here.

+ Staircase renovation made easy

+ Renewing stair edges (nosing) step by step

+ For all types of stairs and floors

+ For all floor coverings

We wish you a happy Christmas
and a healthy and happy new year!

Your Renoprofil Team

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