Why RenoProfil?

Good reasons for using the stairs renovation systems RenoProfil:

  • Best Price Action minus 35% discount on all our products
  • prepayment
  • PayPal payment
  • Credit and Master Card payment
  • Sample profiles
  • All profiles in stock and therefore immediately available
  • All profiles are available from only 80 cm in length (this is only possible with us)
  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • Maximum delivery time 2 - 4 business days
  • Secure shopping at our online store as the e-commerce seal of approval
  • No middlemen - thereby even cheaper
  • For inquiries and technical support, we are always there for you (Excluding company holidays)
  • You are not sure whether this is to do with our RenoPROFIL please send us some pictures (photos) of your old staircase at and we will gladly advise you.
  • Our robust stair profiles are heavy weights (up to 1.2 kg per meter weight) among the many stair edge profiles (only up to 0.3 kg rm) which are on the market.
  • Concealed mounting fittings - twice as strong anodized coating - fluted stairs leading edge - thus much more permanent solution with maximum safety.
  • and much more

At this point a few important tips for YOU

An indoor staircase is used as an escape route in private occupied homes or multi-family-house. An escape route has to be freely accessible and furthermore it must be safe to walk for everyone. The staircase is in most homes the component which is most stressed and strained, in particular to the stair-step leading edge.

We recommend: Play safe, and make staircase renovations only with stair profiles, which are force locked, before laying the new step coverings. Furthermore, these stair profiles have to be screwed hidden with the old stair edges to bridge the damaged stair-step leading edge.