Step refurbishing – step renovating made simple

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Step refurbishing – step renovating made simple

Old and worn staircases are not only ungainly, but also impair safety, especially for senior people and children. And yet it is so simple and quick to wrap up. Reno Profil is synonymous with DIY stair case refurbishing using minimal tooling and hardly any effort.

Parquet and laminate matching your furniture and the remaining floor surface can be fitted to an old stair case with our step profiles, without complex demolishing or grinding chores. You can even walk the steps while you are renovating the stair case. This is especially pleasant, if key rooms such as bed-rooms can only be accessed via the stair case.

Even spiral stairs or stairs of unusual design look as new with this system. It is totally immaterial, if the old stair case is made of wood or of stone, since a renovation can be effected on both bases. All you need to take care of is to remove the old linings and glue residues.

Due to the carefully designed profiles, which are fluted at the edges, the necessary safety is again accomplished by such a stair case renovation. The broad support shanks compensate any unevenness and the invisible fasteners prevent water depressions. Safety of course remains the major aspect when refurbishing a stair case, and this, too, is of prime consideration in the manufacture of our step profiles.

However, a stair case renovation with Reno Profil is not only advantageous as far as safety is concerned. Laminate as well as parquet fit easily into the profiles and therefore the new stair case can complement distinctively the existing style of furniture and floor surfaces. The required lining is customized, inserted into the profiles, and glued. Reno Profil is suitable for nearly any kind of laminate or wood respectively ready-made parquet and in addition is available in several styles, which affords a uniform appearance. You can order samples of profiles via our Shop to help you choose the right product in the comfort of your home.

Having renovated a stair case with Reno Profil, it retains it’s fresh looks for a long time and no longer represents a safety hazard. The ambience is matched perfectly and the occupants experience pleasure.
Reno Profil facilitates simple stair case and steps renovations as well as repairs for DIY enthusiasts.
Simply repair your wooden steps and stair linings as well as step edges and stair claddings yourself by using step profiles by Reno Profil.

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