Staircase renovation prices

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Costs for a stair case renovation are known to vary quite considerably. Much depends on which materials want to be utilized, but also on the condition of the stair case itself. However, costs for a stair case renovation can be appreciably reduced, if you decide on the DIY option, with Reno Profil as an affordable partner of step profiles at your side. The profiles are suitable for nearly all types of stair cases, and lend themselves also to most floor linings. These chores are easily performed by anyone with just a little manual skill and a few tools.

With this kind of stairs refurbishing there is no need of demolition works, thereby lowering the cost of a staircase renovation yet again. Consequently, you are confronted by much less dust and grime during the job. The shape of the old stair case can be retained, however, old linings are to be removed entirely. To decide on new floor linings, it is advisable to match them to existing furnishings. If you still have left-overs of an existing lining, these can be utilized as well of course, thereby affecting the price of the stair case renovation once more.

This ingenious system by Reno Profil spares you any mortar works. Since the stair case is serviceable during the renovations, all of the rooms are accessible at any time. An expensive hotel stay can thus be averted,

and the costs of a stair case renovation are always assessable.

If you are interested in the costs of a stair case renovation, check up the Reno Profil Shop for top offers. All of the profiles are listed and described in detail. The various designs are available in diverse lengths. You only need to order the absolute necessary, which helps you to control the costs of a stair case renovation to a T. However, if you really want to be on the safe side before ordering, you still have the choice to obtain samples of the required profiles.

Even though a DIY stairs refurbishment can save you quite some money and the price of such refurbishment lingers at the forefront, you must not sacrifice safety. Oftentimes safety is the true reason, when considering a restoration. Old and worn stairs often represent real tripping-traps, and are a danger especially for seniors and children. However, the profiles of Reno Profil are fitted with broad support shanks and fluted step edges, guaranteeing maximum safety.

Reno Profil facilitates simple renovations of stair cases and steps, as well as repairs by the DIY method. Simply repair your wooden steps and stair linings as well as step edges and stair case claddings by yourself with the help of stair case profiles by Reno Profil.
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