Stair case renovation with laminate the easy way

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if you have ever used laminate as a floor surface, then you also know how simply it can be laid, and that will give you a fair comprehension of also carrying out a stair case renovation with laminate.  In order to lay laminate on stair cases, all you need are a few basic step edge profiles offered by Reno Profil in best quality and at an affordable price. The laminate is laid as usual on the tread area of the stair case and inserted into the profiles that are fastened on the step edge.

A stair case is one of the most frequently used items inside a household, and subsequently step edges are worn and steps well trodden. This leads to a trip-hazard, which quickly turn into a safety risk, especially when the stair cases are used by seniors and children on a daily basis. Oftentimes a stair case renovation with laminate is inevitable. By using our step edge profiles all of this, however, does not pose any problem at all. The laminate is applied to the stairs quickly and tidily on account of this ingenious system. Without demolition, without grinding or sanding. Putty or mortar chores are not required. And that is the reason, why it is so easy to renovate one’s stairs with laminate yourself. The only thing necessary before starting the refurbishing is to remove the old floor-linings.

Some skill in craftsmanship and a few readily obtainable tools are all you need to renovate your stair case with laminate without any problems by yourself. To line stairs with laminate, however, also holds safety-related advantages. The profiles are equipped with especially broad support shanks and fluted step edges, and on top of that laminate is infinitely durable and resilient. All in all, to line stairs with laminate only generates advantages.

Another important aspect of using laminate for your stairs is the relatively low cost. In the same way that you can customise the size of your laminate, you can also order the profiles in any required length here in The Shop. In addition, the whole lot can be done by yourself with the step edge profiles by Reno Profil, and the result is very low costs.

After having renovated a stair case with laminate in such a way, the stair case will retain its luster for a long time and the safety hazard has been eliminated at the same time. The laminate that was used for surfacing the stairs, will complement the apartment or house perfectly, and the residents will experience not only pleasure but also profit from the important safety factor.

Reno Profil allows for easy stairs and steps renovations as well as repairs by DIY. Simply repair your wooden steps and stair case surfaces as well as step edges and stair claddings yourself with step profiles by Reno Profil.

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