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You see it in nearly every house and in many apartments: a stair case. Being the conduit of the storeys, it is frequently used and that daily. After years of continual strain it is visible: the steps are worn out and the step edges are damaged. From a safety point of view it is advisable to effect a stair case refurbishment early enough, before a stumble trap is created, so that you can always safely walk on your stair case. Fundamental renovation jobs done by a professional are, however, mostly rather expensive, and impractical as well when done for stair cases, as a stair case cannot be walked on during the renovation. A simple variation, albeit simple but just as safe and also affordable, is the DIY stair case refurbishment.

Just a little skill and you can do your stair case refurbishing yourself. For this you need only a few tools, like a hacksaw, screw driver, wedges, vices or clamps, which are perhaps already part of your tooling stock or can be borrowed. Together with  visual step-by-step instructions and numerous illustrations the stair case refurbishing can be implemented.

To begin with the old surfaces and glue residues are removed. Following this our step profiles are laid and the selected floor linings inserted. A possible unevenness is easily corrected with a standard assembly adhesive. In this way anyone can do a stair case refurbishment without having to employ expensive professional help.

While refurbishing a stair case old stairs are easily modernized to match the existing furniture. A large range of wooden claddings and aluminium profiles are available to suit all tastes. If you want to get a picture of the quality prior to the stair case refurbishment, you may gladly order samples.

After having refurbished your stairs yourself, the result will show in a stair case that looks like new, is completely safe and matches the existing furniture perfectly. Reno Profil is always a good choice. In our References you can ascertain yourself on hand of different examples of successfully completed projects, and also of before-and-after illustrations, which prove without question, what you can achieve with a refurbished stair case. It is a matter of course that profiles by Reno Profil are also suitable for unusually built stairs, enabling a step refurbishment in just as easy a way.

To do a stairs refurbishment yourself creates lots of advantages. On the one hand by using our system there are no demolition works to worry about, and the stair case is usable while working on it. On the other hand there is no grinding or sanding, and neither much drilling. The completed stair case is again all-out stressable, it offers top safety on account of the broad support shanks and also a homogenous connection from step edge to step surface. By doing your own stair case refurbishment and taking advantage of the affordable offers by Reno Profil, you earn an additional financial advantage.

Reno Profil facilitates easy stairs and steps renovations as well as repairs by DIY. Simply repair your wooden steps and stair case linings as well as step edges and stair claddings yourself  with the use of Reno Profil step profiles.

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