Stair case edge profile

The compatible stair case edge profile for laminate and wooden surfaces.

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To renovate an old stair case is a wonderful opportunity to renew an unsound component, and all you need is some manual skill and a few standard tools. With this you not only introduce more safety into your house, but also a slice of modern conveniences. Reno Profil stair case profiles put a wide range of floor linings at your disposal, since these profiles are suitable for nearly all linings.

Aluminium step edge profiles are especially suitable for laminate and parquet. They are available for all existing stairs and represent a durable solution to stair case problems. The fluted edges of the step edge profiles cater for a safe footing and the fitting is done quick and easy. Moreover, during the time of the fitting of the stair case edge profiles the stair case remains serviceable, and there is hardly any grime or dirt.

The old stair case must first be cleared of linings and glue residue, after which the stair case edge profiles are simply put on the old stair case. Laminate or parquet is then fitted and glued into the stair case edge profiles. As it is rather simple to customise alu-stair case edge profiles, this procedure is extremely suitable for spiral stair cases as well as winding stair cases. Footing curvatures and other oddities are easily clad as well.

The Reno Profil Shop offers you to order the various stair case edge profiles for laminate or parquet. There you also find wooden claddings and you have the option to order samples of profiles in order to evaluate the quality and to choose the appropriate colour for existing linings well in advance, because even aluminium stair case edge profiles are available in various designs and colours. In addition one should be confident of wanting to either use stair case edge profiles for laminate or stair case edge profiles for parquet.

Since the stair case edge profiles Laminate and the stair case edge profiles Parquet can be matched to any floor surface, yet can be fitted quick and easy, a stair case emerges that looks like new and adapts perfectly well to the existing surroundings. Other than that, the stair case renovated with the stair case edge profiles for laminate and the stair case edge profiles for parquet is extremely durable, and offers maximum safety. Refurbishing a staircase yourself saves quite some money, and Reno Profil always offer the most affordable prices. Reno Profil stair case edge profile Alu is always a good choice for parquet and also laminate.

Reno Profil facilitates simple renovations as well as repairs of stairs and steps by DIY. Repair your wooden steps and stair case linings as well as step edges  and stair case claddings yourself by using stair case profiles by Reno Profil.

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