Lining a staircase with wood or laminate

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Stairs that are old yet quite solid in their basic substance, should be fitted with new linings rather than tearing it down. This can be done with little effort and at low cost, because anyone with just some manual skill and a few basic tools is able to line a stair case by oneself. In Reno Profil you have found the right partner. The use of stair case profiles is versatile, and suitable for the most variable floor linings. So it does not matter at all, if you want to fit laminate, wood or parquet flooring on your stairs.

The fluted step edge profiles are simply fitted to the old stair case after the original lining has been removed entirely. The required floor linings are fitted and glued into these profiles. Neither demolition nor mortar works are required, and you save on grime and time. The additional advantage is the continuous use of the stair case also during the restoration. Lining one’s stair case in this way, not only saves costs but generates many more advantages.

Old stairs often pose a real saftey risk in addition. Worn step areas, trip traps, and chances to slip jeopardize the whole family. Lining the stairs with wood, laminate or parquet flooring, puts an end to that, too. The step edge profiles are provided with especially broad support shanks and fluted step edges, enhancing safety within a household enormously. Lining stair cases not only is a smart optical improvement, but also prevents accidents.

Lining a stair case with wood or parquet flooring obviously is a rather eye-catching option and on top of it is also extremely resilient. Most varieties of parquet fit into the profiles, claddings for them can be chosen in 3 different colours. The Shop offers you the option to order samples of profiles in advance. This allows to get acquainted with the system and gives you the chance to colour match your requirements. When deciding on this kind of stair case restoration there are no limits on choosing a floor lining. The stair case can be fitted with laminate or even wood, and suitable stair case profiles are offered for nearly all varieties by Reno Profil.

Fitting a stair case with new linings thus seems like child’s play, and moreover is extremely affordable and very flexible!

Reno Profil facilitates simple renovation of stairs and steps as well as repairs by DIY. Simply repair your wooden steps and stair linings as well as step edges and stair claddings by yourself using stair profiles by Reno Profil.

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