Laminate and Parquet stairs systems

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Laminate and Parquet stairs systems

Old and worn out steps are mostly unaesthetic to the eye and only too often amount to a stumbling trap, especially when the front step areas are smooth and slippery. In order to evade such a calamity hazard, especially for seniors and children, laminate stairs systems and parquet stairs systems are available on the market, to enable each and every stair-case owner to refurbish their stairs themselves. All that is required is some basic manual skill and some standard tooling.

Reno Profil has thought of everything when designing the specific step edge profiles. At first the old lining is removed from the stairs. The profiles as well as the required floor surface are customised according to the steps. The laminate stairs systems and also the parquet stairs systems are suitable both for wooden as well as stone stairs. After the profiles have been fitted to the step edges, the customised linings only have to be inserted and glued.

The refurbishing of such a kind with a laminate or parquet stairs system carries along numerous advantages and safety features. Thus one no longer slips on the fluted step edges of the new stair case and the wide support shanks lessen the wearing-out effect enormously. Since it is old stairs and worn step edges in particular that represent a high safety risk in a household, one should not put off a renewal of staircase steps for too long.

If one refurbishes staircases with Laminate Staircase Systems by oneself, a significant consequence is that there are no demolition works and the staircase remains useable while being refurbished. There is neither any need for sanding or much drilling. The completed staircase is characterised by a lasting solution of the problem. Taking advantage of Parquet Staircase Systems in addition saves money and Reno Profil always offer especially affordable prices. Laminate Staircase Systems afford you the best savings, while Parquet Staircase Systems naturally are more pleasing to the eye and are more durable, too.

The Shop invites you to order samples of the profiles of laminate and parquet staircase systems to let you match them with the colour of the desired floor surface in the quiet of your own home. The wooden claddings also offer 3 different colour variations. All this combines to have the new staircase match your interior to the maximum, and an existing floor lining can be made use of without any problems.

Reno Profil facilitates easy staircase and step renovations as well as reparations by the DIY model. Simply repair your wooden steps and step linings as well as step edges and step claddings by yourself with the help of step profiles by Reno Profil.

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