DIY restoration of wooden stairs in a few steps

Staircase renovation made easy with staircase profiles by RenoProfil

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Steps are one of the most widely used components within a house. Old wooden stairs often pose an enormous safety hazard. In particular seniors and children are prone to stumble and fall over dismal
stair treads, especially when wooden stairs are well trodden and step edges worn. To dispel this hazard from within one’s own 4 walls, a restoration of the wooden stairs is advisable. Renovating one’s wooden stairs by your self can be as easy as a piece of cake: using stair case profiles by Reno Profil.

Stair-case profiles are suitable for diverse types of stair cases and materials and as such cause no problems at all when re-newing a wooden stair case. In order to renovate wooden steps, there is no need to demolish the old stair case, the new step profiles are simply customised to the step edges are then fastened and glued. The required floor lining can be inserted easily into the step profiles, in this way a spanking new stair case is created in a jiffy. There are neither demolition nor mortar jobs necessary, the whole job is a clean affair, and additionally the staircase is serviceable throughout.

The new stair case profiles include fluted step edges and especially broad support shanks, thereby guaranteeing absolute safety when restoring wooden stairs.

When renovating wooden stair case steps, many laminate and parquet varieties can be utilized for floor linings, and the new stair case is matched perfectly well with the existing surroundings. Even the profiles and claddings can be chosen accordingly. To re-new a wooden stair case proves to be a simple and practical feat, to renovate a wooden stair case by yourself is even more affordable and provides many more advantages. There is the added opportunity that you get as close as possible to the original optics of the wooden stair case to be renovated with the right parquet.  It is a matter of course that to fit stair case steps with parquet flooring extends wear and tear, however, laminate too, is an excellent material and also offers an extended life cycle.

Having completed the restoration of a wooden stair case, the stairs present themselves from their most attractive side and also do not pose any safety hazard, the renovated wooden steps will have been matched perfectly with the surroundings, and the home occupants can bask in delight of it and enjoy a high degree of safety.

Reno Profil facilitates simple renovations as well as repairs of stairs and steps by DIY. Repair your wooden steps and stair case linings as well as step edges  and stair case claddings yourself by using stair case profiles by Reno Profil.

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