Concrete staircase restoration with matching stair coverings

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Even though concrete stair cases are rather resilient and solid, they are not pretty to look at. Therefore it is advisable to use claddings on such concrete stairs – especially if they are located in living rooms, but also if in hallways. Several different materials are suitable as a surface for concrete stairs, however, parquet and laminates are the most favoured ones. For the proper fitting process of such surfaces for concrete stairs, only a small number of easily mountable step-profiles are required.
A renovation of concrete stairs can be carried out quickly and without much effort.

Stair profiles by Reno Profil are produced with fluted step edges and especially broad support shanks, which greatly improves the safety property of a staircase. In addition they are available in several designs and with blinds of maple, beech or oak woods, and as a result match the new stair surface for concrete staircases ideally. Cladding a concrete stair case was never so easy. The profiles are cut to size of the breadth of the stairs and fitted, the new surface is simply inserted. Without much ado a near to new staircase is created with hardly any dust or grime. No mortar toiling is necessary, allowing you the use of the concrete stairs while cladding them.

Minor manual skills and some standard tools from hardware shops are all the ingredients for the renovation of concrete stair cases. Step by step instructions and informative picture sequences guarantee the successful renovation of concrete stair cases.

All of the many different step surfaces for concrete stair cases such as parquet or laminate are highly resilient and durable. It goes without question that the stair profiles are just as indestructible and also offer a safety aspect due to their fluted step edge and broad support shanks. Put in different wording, there are no disadvantages to renovating concrete stair cases, but only benefits with regards to safety, looks, and effort. Considering this, it pays to clad a concrete stair case even if it is still in fine condition.

Here in the Shop all suitable step profiles for the cladding of concrete stair cases are described in detail, and are even available as samples. The samples may be ordered without obligation for you to ensure that the new stair case will harmonise with your furniture, respectively that floor surface and profile conform with one another.

The profile in question is of single-ply material and the step lining for concrete stair cases can be fastened safely, as there are no additional  sub-constructions required.

Here you come tho the shop