Affordable and simple renovation of a stairwell

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Renovating of a stair case becomes necessary, when stair ways are worn and step edges mutate into tripping-traps. When renovating a stair case, stair case linings should be used. To this end common floor linings are fitted to the stairs, with the help of special step edges manufactured just for that purpose. These stair case edge-profiles facilitate an easy stair case restoration, even though the manual skill may not be keen.

For the renovation of a stair well the customised profiles are simply fitted to the step edges of the old stair case, after the old linings were removed. The stair linings are then simply pushed and glued into the profiles. The choices are laminate or parquet. The stair profiles are suitable for nearly all of the available types of floor linings. Therefore Reno Profil is the only address, when you consider renovating your stair case. If you want to take a look  at the different items before you buy, you have the option of buying sample profiles.

New stair linings also afford a new measure of safety. No more worn steps and tripping traps, which represent a hazard especially for seniors and children. After a renovation of the stair well with Reno Profil the step edges are fluted and the step area very stable due to the broad support shanks. In addition the new staircase fitted with parquet or laminate is very durable and extremely hard-wearing.

It shows that to renovate a stair case bears lots of advantages, especially when doing it yourself. Since there are no demolition or mortar jobs necessary, the stair case remains usable even during the renovation works. It stands to reason that particularly for a family, whose bedrooms are prone to be upstairs, such a situation is immensely practical. Moreover, no grinding is necessary eliminating dust and grime to a large extent.

To refurbish stair cases, all you need is some basic tooling and a little manual skill. The material can be chosen by yourself and therefore be matched to the remaining floor linings. The system by Reno Profil is also suitable for extra-ordinary stairs, due to a full flexibility when applying it. Of course, the renovation of a stair well is not only rather simple, but even very economical, because the material can be ordered pointedly in the required quantity.

Reno Profil facilitates simple renovation of stairs and steps as well as repairs by DIY. Simply repair your wooden steps and stair linings as well as step edges and stair claddings by yourself using stair profiles by Reno Profil.

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