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Stairs with parquet flooring are an attractive eye-catcher within your own 4 walls. And it is so simple to fit parquet to stair cases. Reno Profil lends itself perfectly for most of the available parquet floorings. Therefore a true alternative to a complex staircase renovation is to rather lay parquet on the stairs. It is the easy way, it is neat and quick, and above all, you can do it yourself. Of course with the step edge profiles by Reno Profil!

The system not only is simple, it also complies with all required safety standards. Especially old stair cases only too often represent a real accident hazard, particularly when there are seniors or children around. The newly with parquet surfaced stairs make old tripping hazards and any unevenness disappear, and the fluted step edges of the profiles increase the safety of the tread.

To do the job you just need a few standard tools readily available in any hard ware store. Moreover, there are no sanding or demolition chores when refurbishing is done this way, and this results in much cleaner renovation. There is also no need for any puttying, and the advantage is that the staircase is usable while the parquet is being laid.
Before you start with the laying, the old surface has to be removed. The system can be applied to wooden stairs as well as to stone stairs. Simply customize the profiles and required floor linings to the step edges and tread areas, and insert and glue the floor lining. Even in the choice of a floor lining, flexibility is a paramount feature. Most of the parquet floorings are highly suitable for fitting on a staircase with Reno Profil. With this it is an easy effort to match the new stairs to the existing furnishings.
To lay stair cases with parquet is an extremely aesthetic variation, and over and above that also very durable. Most of the parquet variants fit into the profiles, claddings can be selected from 3 different wood species. Naturally the stair case may just as well be surfaced with laminates, and here, too, the profiles are suitable for most types.
This shows that there numerous advantages to laying parquet on your stair case, and these are being introduced to you in more detail here on our homepage. In addition you can order samples of the various profiles and claddings to familiarize yourself with the colours and the system prior to the renovation.
Reno Profil facilitates simple renovations of stairs and steps as well as repairs by DIY. Simply repair your wooden steps and stair surface as well as step edges and stair claddings yourself with step profiles by Reno Profil.
stair cases with parquet
stair cases laid new with parquet


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