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In every house stair cases are one of the most treaded components. Therefore it is oftentimes an unconditional measure to renovate stair cases in older houses. Due to the high safety risk of well trodden or broken stairs it speaks for itself to effect a stair case renovation well in time. A simple and affordable modernization procedure is to clad an ailing or worn stair case yourself. On account of your personal contribution you reduce the costs by a substantial margin, without having to yield up a professional end result. Some dedication and a little manual skill are called for to clad a stair case and in only a short while the stair case looks like brand new.

Whether you are going to clad your stair case with laminate, or rather prefer wood or parquet flooring, does not really matter, because there are manifold choices available to suit any taste or style. To clad a stair case with wood or parquet lends an upper class air, however, stairs in laminate carry many advantages as well, like for example the easy care and longevity of the material. In order to obtain a better idea of the future result, samples of the various step profiles for the claddings may be requested.

The graphic documentation shows implicitly that there is no need to have one’s stairs clad by somebody else. With the assistance of a precise instruction it is very simple, to clad stairs with laminate or stairs with wood or parquet flooring yourself. Many examples by means of photos give you an idea of how professional the results appear. The speciality is: if you want to clad your stair case with Reno Profil, you can leave your old stair case untouched, and only need to remove the old lining. With this, no mortar or putty chores are necessary when cladding your stairs, and the staircase remains functional while you do the job. Only a few tools are needed, and no extensive drilling or sanding tasks arise, no matter whether you want to clad your stairs with laminate or rather with wood or parquet flooring. In our Shop any parts required for any claddings can be ordered quickly and from the comfort of your home. If you are undecided and in no rush to make up your mind, you can order samples of the desired profiles, and match and check them out in your home.
No matter if you clad your stairs with laminate or with wood, you need go no further than Reno Profil to find a compatible design!
Reno Profil facilitates simple renovations of stairs and steps as well as repairs by DIY. Simply repair your wooden steps and stair surface as well as step edges and stair claddings yourself with step profiles by Reno Profil.
cladding of staircase steps
cladding of staircase steps with laminate
staircase cladding with laminate

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