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cladding of staircase steps the easy way

Stairs represent the most utilised components in most family homes. For old houses in particular a stair case cladding is an unavoidable measure. The high safety risk that is borne by worn and broken stairs, speaks for itself. A simple and cost-effective modernisation procedure is to clad such derelict and worn stairs yourself. All you need for this is some manual skill, and the stairs look like brand new again in a jiffy. To demonstrate to you the easy way to clad stairs and steps yourself, just follow the graphic documentation.

Cladding stairs and steps with laminate is highly advantageous. One of the features of the stair case claddings by Reno Profil is the fact that the old staircase can be left as is, only the old lining has to be stripped. With this no mortar work is necessary, and the stair case remains in service throughout the renovation. You only need the odd tool for the fitting job, and there are no extensive drilling or grinding steps to be taken, no matter whether the steps are to be clad with laminate or the entire stair case clad with parquet flooring. Stair case claddings of laminate have the advantage of being extremely durable and resilient. Moreover, laminate can be matched perfectly to the existing furnishings and floor linings. Left over linings can of course also be utilised. The stair case profiles can be applied to most types of laminate, and can also be fitted to nearly all types of stair cases. Not even a spiral stair case poses a problem a stair case cladding with laminate.

In order to really verify that the stair case profile matches the chosen floor lining, you have the option to order samples of stair edge profiles and claddings from Reno Profil. With this you gain an impression in advance as to how the whole lot works. Cladding stair case steps with laminate is effected simply, yet achieves a high safety standard. Due to the rather broad support shanks and fluted step edges it is virtually impossible to slip and the step areas are no longer worn. All in all it promises to be a well-rounded affair cladding that stair case yourself.

Reno Profil facilitates simple renovation of stairs and steps as well as repairs by DIY. Simply repair your wooden steps and stair linings as well as step edges and stair claddings by yourself using stair profiles by Reno Profil.

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