Staircase profiles

Staircase renovation made easy with staircase profiles by RenoProfil

Anyone who renovates their staircases by oneself, not only saves money, but can also be very flexible in their choice of floor coverings. On top of that, nowadays there are systems that allow DIY enthusiasts to clad an existing staircase quickly and with little effort. In many cases, old stairs are not only a real safety hazard but also look unsightly. But renovating them often seems time consuming and expensive. RenoProfil offers an affordable and easy solution using  staircase profiles.
These stair nosing profiles are available in two different colours so that is easy to match them to the floor covering of your choice. Moreover, they are suitable for parquet  as well as laminate flooring. Using oak, beech or maple wood panelling, the stairs can be given their own individual character. To be absolutely sure that the staircase profiles harmonise with your inrerior ambience, samples can be ordered from our online shop.

Installing the stair profiles is as easy as you might imagine. They are simply cut to length for the step edges and fastened into place. The desired floor covering is then inserted. Since the old staircase can remain basically as it is, there is no demolition, meaning installation causes no dust or dirt. Since no cement-mortar is required, the stairs with the new stair profiles can be used again immediately. This is a big advantage, especially in family households. Besides this, the stair profiles are suitable for many designs of stairs and it does not matter whether the base material is stone or wood.

Another advantage of aluminium stair profiles is that their grooved tread edges provide another safety feature. Their broad profile flanges make an important contribution to this too, and so using staircase profiles from RenoProfil is equivalent to a permanent solution.
When refurbishing your stairs yourself, there are only advantages, in terms of safety, appearance and effort. Anyone who has some basic manual skills can lay the aluminium stair profiles oneself and thus save a considerable amount of money, without skimping on quality. Quite the contrary: renovating a staircase yourself also means being able to make all the decisions when it comes to design. In the end, the old staircase will look like new and you will be proud to have done it yourself.

RenoProfil makes a simple job of DIY renovations and repairs for steps and stairs. Repairing your wooden stairs, stair coverings, as well as stair edges (nosing) and stair trimmimgs yourself is easy with the RenoProfil staircase profiles.