Stair profile Standard 8,5 mm

For laminate - aluminium: brass sand / eloxal or silver nature / eloxal

Standard 8,5 mm - aluminium brass sand / eloxal
Standard 8,5 mm - aluminium silver nature / eloxal
Insertion profile for laying laminate flooring 
  • Available in 8,5 mm height
  • Even easier to mount because of mounting holes provided
  • For a beautiful finish wooden front strips are available
  • Other length are available on request
  • easy installation.
  • Attention: Use only high quality mounting glue such as
    Expansion Adhesive Ponal Statics PNA10; SOUDAL Fast-Dry 2K foam or
    Sikabond glue T52FC

  • Our standard profiles have a weight of 0.93 Kg per meter.
  • you will receive for the installation of the step / setting stages, the mounting screws  free of charge.
  • These profiles are nowhere cheaper than ours.

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Profile details

Renoprofil 8,5 mm Standard

For laying laminate to 8.5 mm. Bei thinner laminate wood veneer strips can be highlighted.

 Das Renoprofil ist ein Einschubprofil.

This Renoprofil is an insertion profile.



Renoprofil Mulitversal

Für die Verlegung der Austritts-Stufe oder wenn die vordere Trittkante nicht abgetreten ist. Passend zu den Profilen Standard und Stabil

Cover stair steps with laminate

To cover laminate on stairs, is the same easy to cover as laminate flooring. With the standard 8.5 mm profiles of RenoProfil, you can easily renovate your stairs with laminate. Old and well-worn stairs will be with this system beautiful and especially safe again. And the best thing about this is: With our system, the complete stair renovation itself can be carried out. Whether laminate is covered on stairs or you want to cover stairs with wood or prefinished parquet, the stairs can always be adapted to the rest of the interior and the flooring that is already used.

With the ingenious stair edges profile of RenoProfil it’s easy to renovate stair steps in a variety of construction types. The rails are simply placed on the tread edge. The new flooring has to be inserted and glued with assembly glue. During the renovation no filling work or demolition work must be done, so the stairs can be still used.

RenoProfil enables easy staircase renovation and repair in self-assembly.

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