Assembly instructions


A staircase is in most homes the component, which represents the maximum stress and burden, in particular on the stairs leading edge. Tripping hazards should not be on your staircase.


Every year many accidents with serious injuries happen on indoor stairs.


Avoid these injuries in your living area in the interest of your family, and renovate your staircase with our “Build Your Own Stairs profiles”.

Exactly, you read that right.

With our stair edges profiles, you can renovate your staircase in a short time by yourself.

We show you how to get to a perfectly renovated staircase in your home.


Make your staircase again a worth seeing gem with maximum safety for the whole family.

Many examples can be found as references on our website. We offer you best price guarantee.


If you cannot decide on our online shop which stair profile is suitable for your application, just order our stair profile sample collection.


Once you have selected the correct step edging profile, you can order the profile through our online shop.


For any questions you can always call us anytime or send an email.