Simple mounting

Easy mounting

All RenoPROFIL profile rails are one-shell profiles for which additional substructures are not necessary. When it comes to well-worn or rounded stair leading edges, it is normally sufficient to apply one / two wider lines of mounting adhesive to these areas before fixing the RenoPROFIL profile rail. In case the stairs are very well-worn, please refer to our assembly instructions (saw off the leading edge).
That means:
  • Adjusting just one rail – Adjusting a wooden or a decor panel
  • Easy measuring when making new treads, because the measuring edge rests through the web on the RenoPROFIL profile rail.

Homogeneous transition from step edge to stepping surface

When working with RenoPROFIL profile rails Classic-15 mm, screw together the stair leading edge with the profile before inlaying the new step coverings (parquet, laminate etc.) overarm in the profile. Only this way of mounting guarantees a smooth mounting of coiled steps.
Due to coving there may occur problems with insertion profiles (no homogeneous transition) regarding coiled stairs.