Quick & clean

No dust

When mounting RenoPROFIL profile rails hardly any dust or dirt accrues because the existing stairs remain. Simply the possibly existig covering has to be removed. Here, it is not necessary to remove existing remains of adhesive or foam completely. Thus, there is no emergence of swarf.

No demolition work 

To transform old stairs into a technical sound condition and to additionally enhance it visually, you do not require new stairs. No demolition or cleaning work is necessary. When using RenoPROFIL profile rails the above-named extra work does not need to be done. Existing stairs can be adapted to existing floor coverings or can be designed individually, which means that using RenoPROFIL profile rails enables you to lay the flooring you request – ie, the one which has been layed on the upper floor – on the stairs.


Because there is no need to level out it is possible to access the stairs during mounting.