For your safety

For a safe tread

Grooved edges secure a safe tread. All RenoPROFIL profile railsare sligthly grooved on the visible surface and on the edge of the tread. Longitudinal grooves secure a safe tread and  prevent sliding off the stair leading edge.

A maximum of safety

All RenoPROFILprofile railsexcept the RenoPROFIL Universal profile railshave a 5 cm wide overlay leg (safety leg). The leg bridges also smaller unevenness in case the stair leading edge is well-worn.

If you choose to use RenoProfil profiles you can benefit from three additional advantages:
  • No visible screws
  • No damages to stockings or cleaning rags
  • No depressions on protruding screwheads

Mounting the leg

Fix the leg overarm on the tread leading egde with countersunk screws. Screw them together where the profile rail overlies with the entire surface. Afterwards, screw together the profil rail also at the front to avoid the profile rail being snaped off and to accomplish a maximum level of safety. See assembly instructions, in case the stairs are very well-worn. 
Please screw together RenoPROFIL Universal profile rails exclusivly at the front.