For all types of stairs and floors

For all types of exising stairs
With the RenoPROFILsystem you can refurbish all your indoor stairs, regardless of wether
  • the stairs are made of wood, stone or concrete or
  • the stairs are straight or spiral.
For stairs which are open on the sides you can use our purpose-built wooden seals for panelling. 
Please note that these seals are unsuitable for spiral staircases, stairs without risers or stairs which have only stringer in the centre because the bottom view remains.

For further information concerning mounting, please refer to the assembly instructions.

For all floor coverings
Due to various heightsof RenoPROFILprofile railsit is possible to use all  floor coverings.
  • The RenoPROFIL is suitable for CV, PVC, linoleum floors and many more
  • For laminate floors up to 7 mm, our RenoPROFILSpecial 7mm and RenoPROFILUniversal profile rails areavailable.
  • For laminate floors use 8mm profile rails
  • For ready-to-lay parquet etc. use 14 mm profile rails
  • For other types of floor coverings – as for instance 4mm cork floor – please use our RenoPROFILMultiversal our Universal profile rails or apply the floor coverings to an adequate heavy duty mounting plate. Renovating the stairs in this way will save you sanding and levelling work
  • As a front panel you can either use the RenoPROFIL wooden panel or you can make an approximately 5 cm wide panel out of above-named carrier material and adhere it to the forefront of the RenoPROFILprofile rail.
  • Carpeted floors should exclusively be layed with our RenoPROFILSpecial 7 mm.