Your benefits

The top 11 reasons for choosing RenoProfil stair nosing profile with a special non slip tread:

  • suitable for all types of existing stairs
  • suitable for all floor coverings
  • grooved step edges secure a safe tread
  • long-term solution
  • no dust or dirt while mounting
  • no demolition work
  • accessible during mounting
  • quick and easy mounting
  • just one stair nosing profile is necessery
  • homogeneous transition from step edge to stepping surface
  • a maximum of safety because of wide nosing profile legs

The many benefits of a stair reconstruction with RenoProfil:

well-pricedIf you want to disguise its staircase itself benefits from many advantages that come with this type of rehabilitation is. It is not only very cheap here automatically are also convinced the great end result!  With minimal technical skills, a staircase with wood (parquet) or laminate and surfaced so again safe and presentable.

multiple useThe RenoPROFIL stair nosing profiles are suitable for all types of stairs, whether old stone or wooden staircases or already dressed stairs. These are just previously removed and any irregularities can easily be compensated. Also, all floor coverings are suitable for a disguise.  There are no large and complex demolition to take place and so the staircase is also about the rehabilitation process still passable. Also produced hardly dust or dirt in the assembly.

permanent problem solvingThe new stair nosing profiles are not only due to the grooved tread edges particularly safe, but also the material which offers durability. To set the Stair is a lasting solution that looks very good and a worn and thus dangerous stairs with many pitfalls safe again makes. The associated security is probably the biggest advantage of a stair reconstruction. In many houses there are broken and desolate staircases for each user be an accident. Timely stair reconstruction helps to prevent unnecessary accidents that occur due to worn stairs. By broad section legs is an even greater certainty and the homogeneous transition from step edge and tread makes the whole stable and easily walkable.

self-contained renovationAnother big advantage is the fact that the renovation itself can be made. Only a few common tools and some technical skills are needed to get back to an almost new staircase. In order for this to optimally fit into the existing environment, it is possible, the stair nosing profiles offered in advance to order it as a pattern to match to pick the selected flooring. Whether the stairs with laminate or wood (parquet) to be covered, here you will always find the right profile.